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PVC food cling wrap
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Heavy Duty Food Grade
Plastic Cling Wrap

M Wrap® is a heavy-duty, hygienic, clear plastic food wrapping and packaging cling film that is made from special food wrap grade polymers of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene (PE). Our exceptional product is manufactured using advanced Japanese technology from Riken Vinyl Industry Co., Ltd., complying with Japanese food wrapping and cling film manufacturer and supplier standards. M Wrap® proudly boasts FDA approval, making it a global choice for discerning consumers and industries alike.

To ensure the highest PVC food cling film wrap quality, M Wrap® uses premium grade, all virgin materials, as well as Hexamoll® DINCH from BASF to enhance the durability and property performance of the film. Hexamoll® DINCH is approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and, has been certified as safe for use in food packaging

Heavy duty food grade cling film supplier


M Wrap® is a versatile clear plastic food wrap with widespread applications in the food industry, including retail and catering outlets such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and for regular household usage. Our heavy-duty plastic cling wrap is equally suited for use in healthcare and beauty industries, thanks to its hygienic and versatile properties.

Benefits of M Wrap®

Apples in plastic cling film wrap

Microwave and freezer-friendly:

The film will not melt or break under extreme temperatures. Frozen foods wrapped with M Wrap can be immediately put into a microwave to defrost.

Keeps fresh products hydrated:

M Wrap® PVC food packaging film features a proper gas-to-water vapor transmission ratio that slows down the respiration of fruits and vegetables, thus preventing dehydration

Convenient and easy to use:

M Wrap® securely adheres to and seals surfaces, including plates, glasses, and ceramic ware, with precision. Its elastic nature facilitates effortless stretching and sealing when applied to food containers.

Enhances presentation:

M Wrap® boasts exceptional clarity and a glossy finish in its film, elevating the visual presentation of food. Its ability to preserve the freshness of food extends its appeal, ensuring an enticing and consistently attractive product appearance.


M Wrap® serves as a hygienic shield against unpleasant food odors and external contaminants, ensuring food remains uncontaminated. It effectively prevents spillage in microwaves and refrigerators, safeguarding your food's cleanliness and integrity.

Maintains freshness and taste:

M Wrap® PVC cling film functions as a protective second skin, effectively extending the shelf life of fresh foods. It accomplishes this by retaining the food's natural moisture, thus preserving its original taste and vibrant color.

Cost effective:

Leveraging cutting-edge cling film manufacturing technologies sourced from global leaders and premium materials from trusted suppliers, M Wrap® emerges as a remarkably thin yet exceptionally durable film. Its cost-efficiency sets it apart as a superior choice when compared to other leading manufacturers in the industry.

3 Different Types of Application

Home Use
For home use

As a premium cling wrap supplier, we cater to the diverse needs of our customers through our comprehensive range of heavy-duty cling wrap products. 

Home Use

Smaller rolls that are presented in a convenient, durable cardboard carton, with a hand-perforated edge for ease of use.

Catering Use
cling film for catering

Catering Use

Ideal for various businesses, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, and bakery shops, our products are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide eco-friendly, reusable dispensers along with refill rolls as part of our commitment to sustainability.

industrial cling film wrap

Industrial Use

Our products cater to retail chains and manufacturers seeking high-stretch cling film capabilities. We offer electric hand packers with up to 45 cm film width capacity and portable plastic boxes for added convenience.

Industrial Use

Product Range for Standard M Wrap


Remark : All version are available as made-to-order.

Food Film Dispenser
Food Film Sealing Machine
Food Film Stainless Steel Dispenser

- The sliding blade is quick, safe and easy to use making the job very simple.

- Plastic box comes in 2 sizes: 30 cm. and 45 cm. width. The appropriate film size is between 20 - 45 cm. width.

- Colors : Pink, Blue and Green.

- M Box is lightweight and can be moved around easily. It is great for use in limited space and/or off-site jobs.

M Box

How to order

       Please kindly drop your enquiries in the box, then our export sales will respond within 48 hours

Thanks! Message sent.We will get back to you shortly.

  • What is special about MMP Corp.'s hand roll stretch film?
    Our hand-stretch film comes in more efficient packaging, reducing packaging material costs. Our hand pallet wrap has a multi-layer configuration and combines different layer functionalities to provide optimum load stability and allows more secure loads. We have colored wrapping stretch films available in black and green.
  • How thick is the stretch film you can make?
    As a stretch film manufacturer, the thickness of our plastic food wrap ranges from 8 to 30 microns, supporting different load weights and arrangements.
  • Do you accept OEM orders?
    Yes. All versions of our plastic wrap packaging can be made to order according to your brand's specifications.
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