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MMP’s stretch hood film is a tube of film that’s sealed at one end and stretched over a palletized load to secure the contents to the pallet. It provides load stability and abuse resistance. No load of valuable products should be shipped without providing some level of pallet stretch wrap protection. When forklifts and pallet jacks are used to move products in the warehouse, palletized loads left unprotected can be damaged by sudden movements. In transit, these unprotected loads can incur further damage by excessive handling and exposure to the elements. Stretch hood pallet wrapping provides protection for all types of palletized loads.


The product is used in conjunction with a stretch hood pallet wrapping machine. The machine surrounds a conveyor belt upon which load-bearing pallets are positioned. The four arms of the wrapping machine stretch the hood film over the top of the pallet load. The machine's arms are guided by photoelectric sensors that can determine the parameters of products. The machine places the stretch hood over the products on the pallet until the hood reaches the bottom of the products. The film on the tube is severed and sealed at the top to create a five-sided plastic tube that completely encloses the products on the pallet and keeps them free of dust, dirt and liquids.


The arms of the machine then release the stretch hood and it conforms to the shape of products on the pallet. MMP’s stretch hood film is 950 - 1,150 mm wide, with a gusset of 300-350 mm. The length of the roll of film is 1,000 - 1,500 m, with a thickness of 40-120 μm.


The machine and the stretch hood film are extremely quick and efficient. The machine can wrap 150 pallets an hour. As quality stretch hood film and pallet stretch wrap manufacturers and suppliers, our MMP stretch hood film (also known as hooder film) offers a tough and resistant barrier that ensures your products survive the journey from warehouse to consumer.


The stretch characteristics of the film work to create extra stability when moving loads that reduces product damage and increases storage capacity.


With five-sided protection, the stretch hood film ensures the product stays dry and provides protection to all outdoor elements. The clear film also provides a good view of the packaged products.

Stretch hood film for palltet wrapping

Product Range for Standard Stretch hood

Standard MMP stretch hood film

Remark : All available versions of stretch hoods are made-to-order.

The benefits of stretch hood use
How to order

How to order

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