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Thaitanium stretch film is the new and innovative heavy-duty plastic wrap for shipping pallets that increases business efficiency, and load safety. It also reduces packaging costs, according to research from dedicated scientists. Thaitanium stretch film delivers outstanding properties that should make the product a valued addition to every warehouse and shipping application that values the safety and security of its wares.

Our heavy-duty stretch wrap is thinner, but durable with excellent stretchability. The high-performance stretch film is also space-saving, as a roll of Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch film can be more efficiently used than the typical stretch film


  • Lighter and stronger resulting in a huge decrease in packaging cost for transportation.

  • High clarity in order to facilitate the ease of use of scanning devices.

Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch film from MMP
Features and benefits of Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch wrap


Utilising the very latest innovative technology developed for thin films, with high pre-stretch performance. Up to *300% pre-stretch on higher gauge films to give a highly cost-effective solution for high-speed, high pre-stretch automatic or semi automatic pallet wrappers.


Advanced polymer processing and formulation technology. High film toughness at low film gauges. High stretchability. Improved tear resistance for uninterrupted wrapping cycles. More economical wrapping per pallet. Available from 11 to 17 microns.


High speed, high pre-stretch units, in automatic and semi automatic pallet wrappers.


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Please review our technical data sheet, which shows the overall superiority of Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch wrap in terms of ultimate stretchability, tensile strength, elongation, and tear, cling and puncture strength.

Remark : All versions of stretch film are available as made to order.

Thaitanium stretch film stretch over 80% more than the maximum stretched length of ordinary pallet stretch films at similar gauge.

Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch film stretches over 80% more than the maximum stretched length of ordinary pallet stretch films of a similar gauge

1 Roll of Thaitanium stretch film

Thaitanium heavyweight pallet protection film has a capability of covering over 140 pallets per roll. This makes the product extremely worthwhile and space-saving. A roll of Thaitanium stretch film can be more efficiently used than the typical film. With the capabilities of Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch film, you can save time and money on shipping costs by covering more pallets with a single roll.

Lightweight Eco Stretch film

Actual pallet wrapping operations have led to the discovery that film weight per pallet has been decreased by over 55% by using Thaitanium heavy-duty stretch film. 

Save money on transportation costs

The reduction in film weight has resulted in a huge decrease in transportation packaging costs.

This means that Thaitanium is not only the strongest, most durable and most cost-effective heavyweight pallet protection on the market, but it’s also an eco-friendly pallet wrap. Our eco-stretch film is making shipping easier on the environment, as well as streamlining your shipping operations.

Your products are prepared for shipping easier and faster; the lighter weight reduces shipping costs, and the reduced shipping costs translate into less of an environmental impact. 

Contact MMP for more information about our rugged Thaitanium eco pallet wrap.

How to order

       Please kindly drop your enquiries in the box, then our export sales will respond within 48 hours

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  • What is special about MMP Corp.'s hand roll stretch film?
    Our hand-stretch film comes in more efficient packaging, reducing packaging material costs. Our hand pallet wrap has a multi-layer configuration and combines different layer functionalities to provide optimum load stability and allows more secure loads. We have colored wrapping stretch films available in black and green.
  • How thick is the stretch film you can make?
    As a stretch film manufacturer, the thickness of our plastic food wrap ranges from 8 to 30 microns, supporting different load weights and arrangements.
  • Do you accept OEM orders?
    Yes. All versions of our plastic wrap packaging can be made to order according to your brand's specifications.
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