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M Foil, our high-grade aluminum foil, is designed for many applications, from food wrapping and packaging to food preparation, such as baking, roasting, and grilling. Its versatility extends to commercial and industrial kitchens, making it an essential tool for food professionals and home cooks alike.

Uses of M Foil Aluminum Foil for Food

Our multipurpose aluminum foil is an excellent choice for kitchen use. It is especially suited for food preparation and storage.

Baking and Roasting

Use M Foil to line your baking pans or wrap various food items for easy food preparation and quick cleanup.

Grilling and BBQ

M Foil is indispensable for BBQs and grilling sessions. Wrapping food, especially delicate foods like fish, in aluminum foil ensures even cooking and retains moisture, enhancing flavor and texture.

Food Packaging

The versatile nature of M Foil aluminum foil makes it ideal for wrapping and preserving various foods and ensuring freshness and hygiene.

 Size 30 cm x 25 FT

Use M Foil aluminum foil for wrapping fish and meat
M Foil heavy-duty aluminum foil for food wrapping

 Size 45 cm x 37.5 FT

Various sizes of aluminum foil for food

Dos and Don’ts to Remember When Using Aluminum Foil for Food

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of M Foil:

Superior Quality

MMP Corporation uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and high-quality raw materials to produce our M Foil products, promising consistency and reliability in every use.

Enhanced Durability

M Foil heavy-duty aluminum foil products are designed to withstand various cooking conditions without tearing or degrading.

Food Safety

MMP Corporation’s M Foil aluminum foil is safe for food contact, ensuring that your culinary creations are delicious and hygienic.

M Foil High-quality Aluminum Foil

With an understanding of the importance of quality and reliability in food preparation, M Foil is designed to enhance the culinary experience. From commercial kitchens to home cooks and bakers, M Foil is the preferred choice for those who value quality and efficiency in their cooking and baking.


M Foil from MMP Corporation optimizes the using aluminum foil in the kitchen. Whether wrapping fish or packaging baked goods, M Foil offers the versatility, quality, and reliability that professionals have come to expect from our brand.

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