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PP Food Containers

Microwave and freezer-safe food packaging polypropylene disposable plastic food containers are used widely in the hospitality industry, food packaging industry, dairy industry, ice cream industry, as industrial packaging, and for domestic use. Disposable plastic food containers for food delivery and meal prep that are manufactured by MMP keep food fresh for longer and come in handy while traveling. Insta Polypack is one of the best disposable plastic food container manufacturers and exporters in the region. We’ve designed and developed our line of disposable plastic food containers to offer the most popular sizes and styles of food containers in use today.

As a wholesale plastic food delivery container supplier, we offer a range of disposable products, including plastic containers with lids for food delivery that ensure meals arrive at their destination as fresh, hygienic and intact as when they were prepared.


​Insta Polypack is one of the leading suppliers of disposable food packaging containers in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of the features of our products that have led to our success include:​

  • Food Grade Materials

  • Microwave-safe Disposable Plastic

  • Freezer-safe

  • Recyclable Plastic

  • Screen Printing

We offer 8 standard size food containers
 MMP standard size disposable food containers

Our containers are made from polypropylene food-grade plastic that is durable and designed for travel and delivery. They’re also microwave-safe, so all your customers need to do is put them in the microwave until hot and then serve.  


If the food products are to be stored and consumed later, our products are freezer-safe. Polypropylene plastic is also completely recyclable, so customers can dispose of them easily and responsibly. 

Our products are also able to be screen printed with your company logo, which will increase brand awareness and drive more customers to your food distribution business. 

From single-serving sizes to containers offering large servings enough for a small family, our range of disposable food containers offers style, versatility and hygiene in the presentation of delivered food.   

Partnering with Insta Polypack and stocking a complete line of our products gives you the versatility to respond to your customers' needs. For more information, contact Insta Polypack today.

How to order

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