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M Stretch stretch film machine grade
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M Stretch® is an industrial wrapping film, also called machine pallet wrapping stretch film, that comes in multi-layer configurations. M Stretch® combines different layer functionalities for optimum load stability, protection, and cost-effectiveness. The film formulations include the usage of the latest metallocene polymer technology to provide extra durability and stretchability. This is matched by M Stretch® machine stretch film production on high-end machinery. As a pallet wrap manufacturer, our machines are fully computerized and equipped with MEASUREX film thickness gauge control to keep quality consistently high.

Benefits of M Stretch

Benefits of M Stretch

 Product Protection 


M Stretch protects products from dust, dirt, and water damage. Pallets are able to safety and sturdily be transported.

 Customer Satisfaction 


M STRETCH incorporates the latest premium Metallocene polymer and produced to give customers the best possible product.

 Poerational Effective 


M STRETCH can reduced set up times with its easy to use film that provides good cling, while leaving no sticky residue.

 Cost Effecient 


Using the latest manufacturing techniques, M STRETCH film is a thinner but stronger film that provides high elongation and tensile strength. M STRETCH film is more cost-efficient when compared to other leading manufacturers by reducing the amount and waste of film usage.

Product Range for Standard Machine Roll Stretch Film

Machine Roll
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Remark: All versions of machine stretch film are available as made-to-order.

M Stretch general purpose industrial stretch wrap

M Stretch General Purpose (GP) Machine Stretch Film

Description: This general-purpose machine industrial wrapping grade film is an economical solution for most turntable pallet wrapping machine applications. This general-purpose industrial stretch wrap has a one-sided cling and comes in a wide range of stretch film thicknesses. It complies with the requirements of most pallet wrap manufacturers. A higher film thickness can cater for increased load weight and stretch up to 200%.


Features: One-sided cling;  Consistent quality; Economical solution Available in 15, 17, 20, 23, 25, & 30 microns; Good puncture resistance.

Application: Suitable for turntable pallet wrappers with or without a pre-stretch unit, relatively uniform load shapes, and heavier film gauge stretched at a higher level for heavier loads. 


M Stretch High Performance (HP) Machine Stretch Wrap

M Stretch high-performance industrial plastic wrap roll

Description: This industrial wrapping film grade is formulated from high-performance polymers providing high film toughness to cater for both regular and irregular pallet load configurations. It provides good load stability and the higher thickness can be stretched up to 250% on stretch wrappers with pre-stretch units.


Features: High film toughness; High stretchability; Cost-effective formulation incorporating high-performance polymer; High load stability; Available from 12 to 30 microns.


Application: The machine stretch wrap is suitable for machines with a pre-stretch unit; it can wrap both uniform and irregular shaped loads. It features a higher pre-stretch level to lower the cost of film used per unit pallet.


M Stretch Premium Performance (PP) Industrial Stretch Wrap

M Stretch premium performance machine stretch film

Description: This premium performance industrial wrapping film grade is formulated using the latest polymer technology. It has high film toughness and provides opportunities to use a thinner film or higher pre-stretched levels to lower the cost per pallet wrapped. The total stretch level could be as high as 300% with higher film gauges. It is suitable for high-speed automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers.


Features: It has excellent physical properties; High stretch level; Incorporates the latest polymer technology; High quality; Minimal film breakage for uninterrupted wrapping cycles.


Application: This machine stretch film is suitable for automatic or semi-automatic industrial film wrapping machines with high pre-stretch unit. Opportunity to use lower stretch film gauge to lower cost for pre-stretch application. Lower downtime on automatic wrapping machine.

M Stretch high toughness industrial wrapping film

M Stretch High Toughness (HT) Industrial Stretch Wrap

Description: High performance and high molecular weight polymers are used to impart the high toughness of this machine stretch wrap. The stretch film is suited to irregular loads requiring high puncture resistance and/or high load retention. Total stretch level of up to 250% with higher film gauges.


Features: Excellent film toughness; High load retention; Available from 17 to 25 microns.


Application: This machine stretch film is suitable for turntable pallet wrappers with or without a pre-stretch unit, irregular loads requiring high puncture resistance, and heavy loads requiring high load retention.

How to order

How to order

       Please kindly drop your enquiries in the box, then our export sales will respond within 48 hours

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  • What is special about MMP Corp.'s hand roll stretch film?
    Our hand-stretch film comes in more efficient packaging, reducing packaging material costs. Our hand pallet wrap has a multi-layer configuration and combines different layer functionalities to provide optimum load stability and allows more secure loads. We have colored wrapping stretch films available in black and green.
  • How thick is the stretch film you can make?
    As a stretch film manufacturer, the thickness of our plastic food wrap ranges from 8 to 30 microns, supporting different load weights and arrangements.
  • Do you accept OEM orders?
    Yes. All versions of our plastic wrap packaging can be made to order according to your brand's specifications.
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