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Silage film wrap
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Besides our industrial pallet wrapping products, we are also manufacturers and suppliers of MMP silage film, also popularly known as grass bale wrap.


Silage film is used to conserve and store crop nutrients and to minimize losses from harvesting until feeding by stretch wrapping around baled silage, maintaining an airtight environment to preserve the crop’s value. MMP silage film distinguishes itself through exceptional durability, achieved by incorporating top-tier virgin raw materials. This results in outstanding resistance to punctures, abrasions, and tears, rendering it an optimal selection for outdoor storage applications. Moreover, its superior cling capabilities in both silage and round or grass bale and hay wrapping ensure airtight conditions throughout the storage period. Additionally, it acts as a formidable deterrent against pests, mold, and harmful bacteria. Furthermore, the film's opacity effectively mitigates damage to the silage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The agriculture and livestock industry is an industry of decreasing margins and profitability in the face of ever-rising costs. MMP silage film helps to maintain profits by reducing spoilage to a minimum in the baling, storage, and transfer of animal feed until it is consumed. 

MMP and other silage wrap suppliers are seen as vital contributors to the farming industry in countries that have intense cold weather seasons and only one specific period of time to harvest silage crops. MMP supplies silage wraps to Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The silage film retains the nutrients in the crop and slows the decomposition of silage left in the field until it can be gathered and distributed. The film is used in conjunction with a round hay and grass bale wrapping machine. This machine is at the end of a conveyor belt and can move with the harvester in the field.


The silage is automatically wrapped in a cylinder by the baler and then emerges onto a platform. The platform is encircled by arms carrying rolls of the hay or grass wrap, which circle the bale and wrap the silage tightly. 

The film is a puncture and tear resistant product made of linear low-density polyethylene (PE-LLD). The rated thickness of the film is 25 μm, and the dimensions of the rolls are 1,500 m in length and 75 cm in width. The weight of each packaged film roll is 26.86 kg. 
Longitudinal strain at 65 % and 70 % stretch is 11.3 N/mm² (10.0 N/mm² min. requirement for each stretch percentage).

The silage film is white in color and free of waviness and pores. The opaque quality of the film limits heating from the sun and retards fermentation of the silage. The oxygen permeability of the film (one layer, unstretched) at .02 bar, was determined to be 1,681 cm³/(m² ∙ d). This is less than the tolerated maximum permeability of 1,800 cm³/(m² ∙ d) in 24 hours. 

SILAGE FILM | Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping Machines


This film meets the standards of the DLG quality mark test seal. This test seal is awarded to agricultural equipment and products that have passed a comprehensive DLG usability and quality test.


Product Range for Standard Silage Film (Grass Film)

Table Silage Film MMP

Remark : All version are available as made-to-order.

Silage Film MMP


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How to order

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