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Learn From Pallet Wrap Manufacturer Tips on Choosing The Best Wrap Type

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

There are a wide variety of products that benefit from wrap packing to keep them safe and secure during transit or storage. But when you decide it's time to start wrapping your products, it can be difficult to know which type of wrapping best suits your needs. This article will give you top tips from a pallet wrap manufacturer on finding the right wrap for your products and applications.

Hand Film

Hand stretch film, also called hand film, hand stretch wrap, or manual pallet wrap, is packing film designed to be applied manually. Because it is designed to be applied using a hand-held dispenser, it can only be applied by hand and cannot be used in a machine.

Hand wrap is typically used to wrap pallets of products. It can be used on products of any shape or size as long as a person can walk all the way around them, so it can be a good option for products with a non-standard shape.

Hand wrap is most commonly used by low-volume operations. If you ship less than 50 pallets per day, hand film wrap may be a good option. You can look into different types of dispensers to help boost the efficiency of your hand wrapping processes.

Pallet wrap manufacturers typically suggest hand wrap for low-volume operations.

Machine Film

If your operation handles high volumes of products, you may want to consider switching to machine film, which can help speed up your wrapping process. Machine stretch film is made from the same material as hand film but is designed using a specialized formula so it can be applied using a stretch wrapper machine.

The biggest benefit of using a machine over hand wrapping is that it can significantly speed up the wrapping process, especially for high product volumes. Additionally, machine wrapping is cheaper and safer and provides better load containment.

Before switching over to machine wrapping, however, you will need to invest in the proper machinery. While this is a significant investment, it can be worthwhile if you have high-volume wrapping needs.

Pallet wrap manufacturers typically suggest machine roll for low-volume operations.

Silage Film

Silage film, sometimes called grass film, is made of a different material than hand film and machine wrap film. It is specially designed to preserve and store crops by maintaining an airtight environment after harvesting them.

This type of film has very high resistance to abrasions, tears, and punctures, allowing it to protect products from the elements when stored outdoors. Its airtight capabilities help maintain crop freshness and keep out mold, bacteria, and bugs.

This is the best type of packing film to use if you need sturdy packing material for crops or other perishable items. It offers heavy-duty protection and helps retain the freshness of goods.

Silage film is extremely resistant to tears and abrasions so that it can protect crops stored outdoors.

Stretch Hood Film

Like hand or machine film, stretch hood film is primarily used for pallet wrapping applications. Instead of wrapping rectangular-shaped film around a pallet's sides, this method uses a tube of film that is sealed at one end.

This tube is stretched over the top of the pallet, providing extra protection and ensuring load security. Stretch hood film is great for applications where you want to ensure that products do not get damaged by rain or other outdoor elements. Additionally, this method allows good visibility of the products underneath.

Like machine film, stretch hood film application requires you to purchase the proper machinery. However, if you need extra protection and security for your products, this is a worthwhile investment.

Stretch hood film is primarily used for pallet wrapping applications.

Find The Right Film For You

There are various specially designed film wraps for any packing and distribution applications. Partnering with a quality pallet wrap manufacturer is a great way to ensure that you always have the right wrap to suit your needs.

MMP Corporation Ltd. is Asia’s leading producer of stretch and food films. Visit our website to view all our exceptional wrap products or contact us for advice on which type is right for you.

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