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Team Up with a Leading Stretch Hood Film Supplier

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

A stretch hood film supplier helps loads remain stable.

As the demand for speed and reduced breakage continues to increase, shippers are looking for ways to streamline and improve their operations. One of the ways to increase the efficiency of stacking products on pallets for shipment and ensure a tight and secure load is to partner with a stretch hood film supplier.

Stretch hoods are the latest innovation in shipping. They accomplish the same role as stretch film wrapping but are quicker to apply and use less material. Whereas hand wrapping pallets often results in the overuse of stretch film by repeated and unnecessary wrapping, causing uneven and unstable loads, stretch hoods offer a single layer of tough and durable stretch film that’s applied quickly over the entire pallet. Stretch hoods are also suitable for heavy industry shipping. They add stability to pallets of glass bottles, cement bags, and canned goods.

A stretch hood film supplier helps loads remain stable.

Stretch hoods are used in conjunction with a stretch wrapping machine that holds the stretch hoods and places them over the boxes on a pallet using photoelectric sensors to determine the parameters of the goods on a pallet. When the machine reaches the bottom of the stack of goods, it releases the stretch hood and tightens and secures the pallet of products.

Advantages of Stretch Hoods

The main advantage of using stretch hoods in your shipping operation is that it speeds up your overall processes. Your employees spend less time wrapping pallets by hand, so you're able to fill trucks and rail cars faster. A tight load means less breakage and less time cleaning up. A tight load also means you can stack loads higher and move them around quicker in the warehouse or on loading docks.

The stretch hoods also offer a measure of protection from the elements and from the spillage of other pallets. They’re made of the latest metallocene polymer technology to provide an effective barrier for your products, to keep them free of dirt, dust and liquids, and offer them the stability needed to survive long trips and repeated handling.

The increasing demand for speed means that warehouse and loading docks are using motorized pallet jacks and forklifts more than ever, which increases the risk of spills and breakages. Accidents during the shipping operation are accepted as a cost of doing business and staying in the competition. Wrapping your pallets with stretch hoods offers an added level of protection from sudden movements and changes of direction that would normally cause accidents. It allows you to increase the speed of your operation while safeguarding the products you handle.

Stretch Hood Specifications

The stretch hood is a five-sided piece of polymer that is stretched down over a stacked pallet of goods. It protects the goods on all four sides and the top of the stack.

MMP Corporation is a leading stretch hood film supplier in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region. They manufacture and distribute their standard stretch hood material in thicknesses of 40-120 μm, and with film tube circumferences of 1530 – 3600 mm. Their stretch hoods fit all international sizes of pallets commonly in use around the world, from 42x42 to 48x48 inches. The stretch hood material is clear, providing the necessary visibility for identifying products without the need for unwrapping.

MMP also supplies quick and efficient pallet wrapping machines that can apply up to 150 stretch hoods per hour. These machines are most often located in an easily-reached, central area of the warehouse or loading dock. With the compacting quality of the stretch hood machine, your operation becomes more cost-effective by fitting more products in your warehouse and on transport vehicles.

Partner with MMP

A large-scale warehouse and shipping operation needs a stretch hood film supplier that can respond to their product needs as their business grows and expands. The smooth operation and continuous flow of shipping demands it. MMP is an experienced partner of high-volume shippers, supporting them with products in periods of rapid growth and business expansion seamlessly.

Partnering with MMP ensures your operation of a direct line to a leading supplier of stretch hood material, bulk stretch film and OPP packaging tape. MMP can easily and quickly respond to emergency orders for increased volumes of products or sudden changes in the size and thickness of the products you usually order.

Team up with a supplier that gives you the confidence to allow your business to expand and grow. Partner with MMP.

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