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Sustainable Plastic Wrap Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

The world is embracing PCR and PIR plastic wrap products.

MMP Corp is a stretch film supplier that has introduced post-industrial recycled resins (PIR) and post-consumer resins (PCR) into our plastic wrap products. We’ll explain what this means for consumers and the boost it provides to the effort to recycle and reuse more plastic waste.

The public has begun to embrace greater sustainability and recyclability as positive and desirable aspects of plastic products. Reducing one’s carbon footprint as much as possible is increasingly seen as a more responsible way to care for the planet and live in a sustainable manner.

MMP Corp has managed to help people reduce their carbon footprint by creating products that are sustainable and accepted around the world.

What Are PIR and PCR Resins?

PIR and PCR resins are basically improvements in the way we create plastic resins for products. They denote differences in the source material of the plastic resins, rather than the method of manufacturing the materials themselves.

Post-industrial recycled (PIR) plastic resins are made from the plastic waste generated in the plastic manufacturing process. Manufacturers typically add several steps in the manufacturing process to include this plastic waste in the final products. The final product is reliably every bit as high-quality as virgin plastic.

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic resins are made of plastic discarded by consumers. MMP has increased the sustainability of its product in both the manufacturing and the recycling aspects. A much greater effort is required by manufacturers to set up an efficient system where the amount of material collected is large enough to create a sustainable source and practice. By setting up a convenient collection system, you encourage the public to make use of it.

When MMP Corp first experimented with incorporating PCR resins into our products, the resins produced a film that was less tough, less stretchy, had a strong odor, and wasn’t as transparent as PIR resins. MMP successfully overcame all these drawbacks to produce a PCR film that performs every bit as well as the virgin plastic and PIR films.

The quality of PCR resins can vary, depending on the pre-sorting and composition of the source material. But both PIR and PCR resins have proven to be crucial components in manufacturing sustainable plastic wrap.

Necessity and Appeal of Sustainable Plastic Wrap

While a manufacturer’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint may seem to have a greater immediate impact than a single person’s effort, when that person is multiplied by millions around the globe, it far outweighs the impact of even the largest manufacturer.

By creating sustainable plastic wraps from PIR and PCR plastic resins, MMP generates interest and a reason to use these products by members of the public who care about the future of the planet. The existence of the products gives concerned consumers a better alternative to using products made from virgin plastics. By getting in the habit of choosing our M Stretch plastic wrap, the consumer also effectively reduces their carbon footprint even further. MMP has taken the extra step of also including approximately from 15% to 30% of PCR plastic resins to increase their sustainable value.

You have more opportunities to help people reduce their carbon footprint when you make it easy and convenient for them to do so. Incorporating PIR and PCR plastic resins into M stretch sustainable plastic wrap encourages more people to care for the environment, and by creating more public awareness, other environmental important programs are helped as well.

Explore the Range of M Stretch Sustainable Plastic Wrap

MMP manufactures our M stretch sustainable plastic wrap for industries and consumers. We have ten varieties of our products to suit every application from wrapping heavy pallets to ensuring the freshness of a salad prepared in your home kitchen. Explore the wide range of our products to find the ideal one for your application.

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