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Understanding What Makes Plastic Film “Food Grade”

Businesses that need to package and preserve food must ensure that the materials they use are safe and effective. This is where food-grade plastic film comes into play. MMP Corporation specializes in producing high-quality plastic food wrap that meets stringent safety standards.

fresh packages salmon with food grade film

In this blog, we will discuss what makes plastic wrap suitable for food use and why you should consider sourcing plastic food wrap from MMP Corporation.

What is the Composition of Food-Grade Plastic Film?

Food-grade film is designed specifically to store and protect food items. The composition of this type of plastic wrap is crucial to ensure it does not leach harmful chemicals into the food. They are typically made from materials like polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), which provide a non-toxic barrier that keeps food fresh without contaminating it.

How Does Regular Plastic Wrap Differ from Food-Grade Film?

While both food-grade and regular plastic wraps are designed to protect items, the key difference lies in safety and chemical composition. Food-grade plastic wrap must comply with stringent regulations set by food safety authorities like the US FDA. This ensures that the plastic does not contain harmful substances that could be absorbed into or transferred to the food. Regular plastic wrap used for non-food items does not need to meet these strict standards.

Advantages of MMP Corporation’s Food-Grade Plastic Film

One of our flagship products at MMP Corporation is M Wrap. This food-grade plastic wrap is known for its superior quality and reliability and is designed to meet the highest food safety and performance standards. Our food-grade plastic film offers many benefits that make it the preferred choice for food packaging:

Food-Grade Plastic Film from mmpcorp


Ensures that no harmful chemicals are transferred to the food, maintaining the safety and integrity of the product.


Creates an airtight seal that preserves the freshness of food items, extending their freshness and shelf life.


Provides clear visibility of the food, which is important for both retailers and consumers.

Strength and Durability

Resistant to tears and punctures and prevents leaks and spills so the food remains protected during storage and transport.


Can be used in various environments, including microwaves and freezers, without compromising its integrity.


M Wrap food-grade plastic film is recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts.

Uses of Food-Grade Plastic Film Wrap

A food worker wrapping fresh fish in food-grade film

Food-grade plastic film is versatile and finds application in various sectors, including:

  • Retail and Supermarkets: Used for wrapping fresh produce, meat, and bakery items to keep them fresh and hygienic.

  • Food Processing Plants: Essential for packaging processed foods to prevent contamination and prolong shelf life.

  • Catering and Hospitality: Ideal for covering prepared dishes and leftovers to maintain quality and safety.

  • Households: Commonly used for storing leftovers, meal prep, and covering dishes.

Choose MMP Corporation’s Food-Grade Plastic Film

Choose the right supplier for your food-grade film to ensure product safety and customer satisfaction. MMP Corporation’s plastic films meet international food safety standards, guaranteeing they are safe for food contact. We offer a wide range of plastic films suitable for various applications, from food packaging to industrial uses. We also accept OEM orders to meet your brand’s specifications and needs.

MMP Corporation’s PVC food film is manufactured using advanced Japanese technology and premium-grade materials for enhanced durability and performance. Our clear plastic food wrap has FDA approval, making it the best choice for discerning consumers and industries around the globe. We continuously invest in research and development to improve our products and meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Food-grade plastic film from MMP Corporation is a reliable and safe solution for all your food packaging needs. Its composition, versatility, and durability make it essential for businesses in the food industry. For more information on how our cling film wrap can benefit your business, explore our range of products today.

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